Quiet Time

I have mentioned quiet time in my blogs, today we are going to dig a little deeper into quiet time. What it means. Why we need it. How to do it. Where to do it.

I know how hard it is to eak time out of your day for anything and everything that we want to do or have to do. Whether you work outside the home or not, your day is filled with the demands of life. You may wonder how you could fit in one more thing to do; down time is a gift and why give up a minute of it.

I find myself looking for down time and then look back and see wasted opportunity. Sometimes the very thing we think we must have is already realized and we missed it. The quiet time I am going to discuss today is essential. It is essential for life and I promise it will change the way you look at everything else. It’s a life long commitment and I hope you will make it with me. Perfection is not required and there will be days that you forget but the results, when done consistently, are immeasurable.

Lets start by breaking down 3 steps to effective quiet time.

  1. Ask questions, record your thoughts and meditations.
  2. After meditation, choose a best verse and write it down, record your thoughts on the verse.
  3. Communicate with the Lord in prayer what you feel he is impressing on you.

Quiet time does not have a time attached, if you can commit to a specific time great, 30 minutes is a good amount of time but if you only have 15 that will work too. Your life may choose for you, just start. Here is a good formula for 15 minutes but you will adjust as needed for your life. I’m sure that if you make time for that yoga class that you don’t enjoy but you made a commitment then I’m sure taking 15 minutes for just you and no one else will fit into your day.

5 minutes for reading scripture

7 minutes for meditation and writing in your journal

3 minutes for prayer

These can be adjusted as you grow in your journey. The Bible is a big place with a lot of information. Eventually you will be able to pull what you need quickly and effectively to help you with whatever you are going through. Whatever you need God’s word and help with to see you through a particular issue.

God wants a relationship with us. In Matthew 22:37-38 37 “Jesus replied: ‘Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.’38 This is the first and greatest commandment.”

I often mention to anyone that will listen, on my blog, in person, or on social media, spreading the word of God is the only reason that we are on this Earth. If you can tell me another reason I would love to hear it. Good and evil are played out in front of our eyes constantly and our job is to be the good, spread the good, and live the good. God wants us to have everything we want out of life. I know that we don’t always get what we want, but I have learned over time that we get a lot more of it than we think.

Joshua 1:8
Do not let this book of the law be absent from your mouth; meditate upon it day and night, so that you might carefully observe everything that is written in it. Then you will prosper and be successful.

Obviously Joshua knew a thing or two about quiet time and gave us this excellent formula.

You do not need a special place for quiet time but it is necessary to be alone for your quiet time. For you it may be 15 minutes before everyone else hits the floor running, or 15 minutes after they all go to bed. Maybe you have 15 minutes after drop off or 15 minutes before pick up. Just make the time, give yourself the time you deserve to spend with God and not to worry about what’s next. Take the time. Give yourself the space.

You do not need anything fancy, a Bible and some note paper, that fancy journal collecting dust or maybe a new prayer book or devotional that has verses and writing space. You will adjust to what works for you over time.

I use a prayer book that has an index that can help me focus on what I need to discuss with God. Eventually you will know every day what you need to share and these could direct you to specific verses on that topic. I find that easier sometimes when I don’t know where in the bible I need to go. I am not an expert on where to find things in the Bible so this really helps me find the verses and direct my prayer to get the most out of my quiet time.

There are plenty of devotionals that also just have a topic and verse for each day. Those are great too if you are not seeking prayer on a specific topic but still gets you a verse and a topic to reflect on for the day. I have those too and I enjoy them when I’m not struggling with something. I actually use the one below and I enjoy it.

So basically find your time and your space and give yourself the gift of spending quality time with God.

Deuteronomy 4:29 But if from there you seek the Lord your God, you will find him if you seek him with all your heart and with all your soul.

Psalm 5:3 In the morning, Lord, you hear my voice; in the morning I lay my requests before you and wait expectantly.

Psalm 6:9 The Lord has heard my plea; the Lord will answer my prayer.

Psalm 86:7 Whenever trouble strikes I will keep crying out to you, for I know your help is on the way.

We hope you find us getting all up “In Your Faith” to be helpful. We are looking into sending out a daily newsletter. Stay tuned for more info on that.

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