A blog called “In Your Faith” should probably talk about faith from time to time. Today we will tackle the subject of faith.

Where are you on your faith journey? Believer? Saved? Baptized? Exploring? Seeking? A guy I know writes a blog about life, faith, preparedness, and wisdom. He gets his material and wisdom from the ultimate tactical handbook – the Bible. If you are in any of the stages above, you need to be using the Bible.

For it is by grace you have been saved, through faith—and this is not from yourselves, it is the gift of God – Ephesians 2:8

There is one Lord, one faith, one baptism – Ephesians 4:5

As stated above, there are many levels of faith. Once you have accepted Jesus as your Savior and have moved into that comfort level of belief, saved, and baptized you will still find yourself seeking. Seeking God in your daily life, seeking answers to the questions that have not as of yet been answered, seeking comfort in the Word, seeking fulfillment and contentment. All of those things may be what brought you to God in the first place.

Did you always believe, having grown up attending church as a family? Did you come to God, religion and faith as an adult? Do you seek Christ to fill a void having tried the other stuff and nothing worked?

God has always been there waiting for you. He will always be there waiting for you. Even after you have taken those first steps, you must continue to seek him out every day, he is the answer you are looking for.

And he believed! Believed God! God declared him “Set-Right-with-God.” Genesis 15:6

“Believe in the Lord Jesus and you will be saved-you and all your family.” Acts 16:31

Now faith is confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see. Hebrews 11:1

God wants a relationship with you just as you want one with him. It is give and take though. If you do not seek, you will not find. I talk a lot about community and finding your way. Again I will suggest that you look for like minded people in your community, your church, and online. Seek a Bible study. Seek a mentor. Seek a partner to walk this journey but do not forget to seek God. Sometimes you will want to go through this with another person that you can have dialog with and some time during each day you will need to spend time alone with God, just you and him with your Bible and your heart open and ready to receive the answers you need.

Once you become comfortable spending time in the word, it will be time to act. Actions speak louder than words and God will expect you to act upon the things that he has shown you. The gift of God will need to be shared in order to truly appreciate it. Nothing helps us forget our own troubles like helping someone else through theirs.

And without faith it is impossible to please God, because anyone who comes to him must believe that he exists and that he rewards those who earnestly seek him. Hebrews 11:6

These were the true heroes, commended for their faith, yet they lived in hope without receiving the fullness of what was promised them. But now God has invited us to live in something better than what they had—faith’s fullness! This is so that they could be brought to finished perfection alongside of us. Hebrews 11:39-40

So you see, faith by itself isn’t enough. Unless it produces good deeds, it is dead and useless. James 2:17

Have you ever volunteered to serve at your church? Most churches need a lot of help to put on a service and are always looking for help. Serving is the most gracious and wonderful thing that you can do for someone else. There are many ways to serve. Look into it, reach out to the office at your church or speak to a pastor. If serving at your church is not something that you are ready for look for other ways that you can serve God. Maybe start small, a soup kitchen, a food pantry, homeless shelter, organize a food drive at work. Look for places in your community, help is needed with so many things in so many places. Pray about it, ask God what he thinks would be a good place for you to serve.

 In everything I did, I showed you that by this kind of hard work we must help the weak, remembering the words the Lord Jesus himself said: ‘It is more blessed to give than to receive.’ ” Acts 20:35

In the same way, let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven. Matthew 5:16

God is not unjust; he will not forget your work and the love you have shown him as you have helped his people and continue to help them. Hebrews 6:10

My faith has seen me through some very troubled times. I can look back and see all the times that God has saved me from myself, from my enemies, and from things out of my control. It actually pains me to see so many people call the Bible “just a book”, “a fairy tale”. I know first hand that it is real, that God is my Savior and that I can do nothing without him. People that do not believe are not truly living. They will never reach their true purpose for being here. Eternal life is the gift that we believers will someday achieve and all this we are now going through is what will get us there.

And through your faith, God is protecting you by his power until you receive this salvation, which is ready to be revealed on the last day for all to see. 1 Peter 1:5

Jesus responded, “If you have even the smallest measure of faith, it would be powerful enough to say to this large tree, ‘My faith will pull you up by the roots and throw you into the sea,’ and it will respond to your faith and obey you.” Luke 17:6

 “For I assure you: If you have faith the size of a mustard seed, you will tell this mountain, ‘Move from here to there,’ and it will move. Nothing will be impossible for you. Matthew 17:20

22 Then Jesus said to the disciples, “Have faith in God. 23 I tell you the truth, you can say to this mountain, ‘May you be lifted up and thrown into the sea,’ and it will happen. But you must really believe it will happen and have no doubt in your heart. Mark 11: 22-23

Have faith and someday it will all be glorious and we will be seated in Heaven with our Father and life will be as it should be. Faith is the key. You must believe and you must trust. There is no greater gift that you can give yourself than getting all up “In Your Faith”, spending time with God, living the word, doing his works, and believing that you are worth it.

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