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Grief is hard. It knocks the wind from your very soul. As a Christian we sometimes feel relief in our grief, an end to a loved ones suffering, and yet it still hurts. The loss can be unbearable. As Christians we have God’s promise that the end of this life is not the end of … Continue reading Grief


A blog called “In Your Faith” should probably talk about faith from time to time. Today we will tackle the subject of faith. Where are you on your faith journey? Believer? Saved? Baptized? Exploring? Seeking? A guy I know writes a blog about life, faith, preparedness, and wisdom. He gets his material and wisdom from … Continue reading Faith

Bible Study

How many of you participate in Bible study? Have you ever signed up for a Bible study with a group at your church, in your community or online? I have done many Bible studies and I find that depending on what’s going on in my life I either successfully make it to each session or … Continue reading Bible Study

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